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Not Just Racking

Priority Software partners with Hybrid Technology Partners to extend market reach in Ireland

New partnership will see creation of 20 new jobs in the region over next 12 months

Peak-Ryzex announces partnership with FarEye

FarEye’s predictive logistics platform helps businesses execute, track, collaborate, predict and optimize the movement of goods

Dematic launches micro-fulfillment solution

Startups bring innovation, talent and horsepower to the party. But it’s not as simple as onboarding an established supplier.

Ware2Go study: Online shoppers buying from more sellers and broader categories

Merchants are pivoting from a business-to-business (B2B) to a B2E (business to everyone) model, with unique shipping, logistics and fulfillment requirements.

60 seconds with George Prest, MHI

Modern spends 60 seconds talking to George Prest, CEO of MHI, about MHI and the future of our industry.

Other Voices: Five novel ways to create more space in your facility

Creative uses of storage and office space can improve efficiency and employee morale.

A system of reality for the new normal

Visibility is essential for control, especially when disruption threatens to leave operations powerless.

2020-2021 IARW and WFLO board announced

Temperature-controlled warehousing associations tap industry leadership to strengthen the global cold chain.

Mobile computing solutions modernize warehouse operations

Supported by Cloud-based WMS, new computers, tablets, scanners and printers help fill orders quicker, streamline processes and improve inventory management.

GigaSpaces and OpenLegacy partner to modernize legacy systems

Modernizing legacy stacks accelerates time to market, reduces risk and simplifies legacy-to-cloud migrations.